Bomber Sues Bloggers For $1 Million

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Overview of the lawsuit

The Bomber's history of lawfare continues

Brett Kimberlin has filed a $1 million lawsuit against five bloggers, falsely accusing them of harassment, defamation and conspiracy. If he can stop citizen-journalists from telling the truth about him, the intimidation factor will endanger First Amendment rights for everyone. You can help fight back.

Who is Brett Kimberlin?

Drug Dealer, Bomber and Litigious Litigant

Kimberlin is the notorious “Speedway Bomber.” Born in 1954, he was 24 when he set off a string of daily bombs in the small town of Speedway, Indiana, terrorizing the town. However, his violent criminal behavior didn't begin nor did it end with the bombings. Currently, on parole Kimberlin is using the court system to once again harass his victims.

Help Wanted

Soliciting the public good is necessary

Kimberlin wants more than the $1 MILLION he is seeking in his frivolous lawsuit -- he wants silence. Kimberlin's 2 year campaign of harassment has led to bloggers losing jobs, threats of violence, police "SWATTings" and one journalist even had to move homes with his family. Frankly, this all costs money and Kimberlin knows it. Your help is necessary.

Defendants in Brett Kimberlin's Frivolous Claim

Robert S. McCain

McCain is a 27-year veteran journalist and full-time blogger who has covered this viral story under duress.

Aaron Walker

Walker and his wife have been serial victims of Kimberlin's targeted legal action and harsasment.

W.J.J. Hoge

Hoge started blogging about Kimberlin's attempts to suppress writers, and he too became a victim.

Ali A. Akbar

Akbar and the National Bloggers Club came to the aid of bloggers in need of help only to himself become a target.

"Kimberlin Unmasked"

Brett Kimberlin is using the legal process in an attempt to learn the identity of this anonymous blogger.

"I have filed over a hundred lawsuits and another one will be no sweat for me. On the other hand, it will cost you a lot of time and money[.]"

- Brett Kimberlin to blogger

Why is Kimberlin suing journalists and bloggers?

Kimberlin has been suing institutions and people whom he disagrees with for over 30 years! When bloggers began covering his scandalous divorce, Kimberlin leapt to retaliate. He even attempted to press criminal charges against two bloggers that were readily dismissed by Maryland authorities.

How strong is the bloggers' defense to this case?

While Kimberlin's cyber-goons are attacking and threatening bloggers, the defendants aren't making the mistake of trying the case on the Internet. The defense team has been secured and is growing. Kimberlin's burden of proof is so high that he knows he cannot obtain a favorable verdict.

What are additional ways I can help?

Aside from donations to the relief fund to keep these bloggers, journalists and advocates speaking, you can e-mail the media, tweet and share the case with family and friends and the defendants covet your prayers.

Will You Help ?

Your name & information will remain private. These bloggers need you to protect their free speech.